Our mission

We, at the University of Napierville, only have one mission : it is to continue to fulfill the covenant that existed between its founder and the sons and daughters of visionaries who believed that learning was a self fulfilling edification process. This covenant was to establish a high seminary of learning through world class teaching, research facilities and extended public services.

Founded in 1862 by le Grand Marshall, the University of Napierville is considered to be one of the most enlightened education centers in the world in diversified fields of studies : applied earthquake sciences or seismology, literature, fine-arts, commercial ventures and the illumination of ancient manuscripts.

The University of Napierville (or UdeNap, as it commonly known) offers a wide array of high-quality baccalaureate programs, masters and doctor's degrees built around a distinctive core curriculum, sporting events and continuous travelling.

In all areas, the goal of l'UdeNap is to develop students' communication and critical-thinking skills, ethical judgment, global awareness, and scientific and technological knowledge whilst favouring :

  • partnership with cultural, public and working class milieux
  • the development and popularisation of knowledge
  • innovation in the use of public funds


  • the growth of the community in which it has been involved for more than 140 years

L'UdeNap is a cultural, intercultural, transcultural, multicultural and polycultural center with scientific, artistic, regional, national, international and manual aspirations.

L'UdeNap is a member of the Vatfaitr-Fair Group of Enlightened Companies and has filed an application with the World Group of Universities and Colleges, 1 rue du 18 décembre, Paris 2e.

Consider the advantages :

  • Valet parking
  • Free monograms
  • Political independence
  • Free membership in the Napierville Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • Affiliation with the Pentatical Church of the Seventh Advent of Christ
  • Daily predictions Heavy Metal Choir
  • Smoke free environment (except in public hallways and elevators)
  • World class bilboquet and cyclo-bowling teams (scholarships available)
  • Shops, boutiques, restaurants within walking distances
  • Year-round entertainment
  • French immersion courses
  • Sunday services
  • Rent-a-Car services (Pavageau Auto Location)
  • World class museum
  • First class library
  • A locally renowned theatre group
  • Gymnasium
  • Gourmet food
  • Skating rink (in season)
  • Within minutes of a drag automobile race track, camping grounds and a major city (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
  • Heavy artillery And many extras including two professors named Bruce and a secretary named Louis

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- Uldéric Caseault-Duroy- 09-04