Université de Napierville

Old Swann Hotel

Swan Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 2SR

Menu (de 1926) :




Melon Cocktail

Ravioli and Parmesan Cheese

Sweet Herring with Celery & Potato Salad

Prawns Marie Rose

Fishermans Hors dOeuvres

Main courses (cold)


Cottage Cheese and Pinapple Salad

Prawn and Apple Salad

Scotch Salmon, Cucumber and Mayonnaise sauce (in Season)

Chefs Home-made soup of the day

Ploughmans Lunch

Individual Pork Pie, Pickles & Tomato

Scotch Eggs

Home-Boiled Ham

Roast Yorkshire Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

Roast sirloin of Beef, Horseradish Sauce

Salad Selection :

Lettuce, Tomato, Russian, Waldorf, Potato, Grated Carrot, Beetroot

Main courses (hot)


Yorkshire Hot Pot & Pickled Red Cabbage

Quiche Lorraine served with Salads

Shepherds Pie served with vegetables

Omelettes : - Asparagus, Ham. Tomato, or Cheese

(Served with Salad)


Made with French or Brown Bread


Ham & Salad

Cheese & Pickle


Smoked Salmon

Danish Open Sanwiches : -

Sliced Egg & Cucumber

Han & Pineapple



Apple Pie with Wensleydale Cheese, or Cream


Yorkshire Curd Tart, with Cream

Italian Cream Slice

Flan or Gateau of the Day

Various Ice Creams

Strawberries or Raspberries in Season

Selection of English Cheeses



Coffee, tea (pot)

Also :


Morning Coffee and Biscuits

Afternoon Tea


Voir Dragon basan (Soupe aux poireaux)


Ou encore : Crasibule et Pharice


Pour les dernires nouvelles concernant l'UdeNap,

Voir : Le Castor de Napierville (dition courante)

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